Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kelly


Anxiety Disorders, Depression, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Grief, Sleep Issues (insomnia/hypersomnia), Body Image, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Anger, Rage, Self-hate, Self-harm, Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Bariatric Surgery Candidates, and Pre-marital counseling.

Therapy and Fees listed Below

Psychotherapy, 50 min

Brief Solution Focused Consult
30 minutes at $100

Couples Therapy – 90 minutes

Career Counseling / Including Resume and CV Construction
Two 30 minute sessions for $225

  • Payments Accepted: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal, Square
  • Schedule a session by submitting an inquiry using the CONTACT tab above.

*Insurances not accepted. Invoices are provided after payment for clients to submit to their own providers.

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Psychological Testing (MMPI-3) Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)
Compassion Focused Therapy Faith-based Therapy

Culturally Sensitive Therapy
Imago Therapy
Personality Testing
Temperament Testing



Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) for individuals, families, and corporations is also available. $250-$500

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-3): $1,500

Emotional Service Animal (ESA) assessment and documentation: $500

Bariatric Surgery Assessment and documentation: $750

NCC ID: 86563

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