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Testimonials for Dr. Kelly Bushéy
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Testimonial #1
“The field of Child Welfare is very demanding and can often take an
emotional toll on staff leading to compassion burnout and fatigue. My child
welfare team had the opportunity to hear Dr. Kelly Bushéy present “Bubbles and Blueberries.” Kelly’s personal perspective and knowledge in
understanding personality types gave my team a new understanding on how to seek to understand others in order to be understood. When working with challenging clients and even peers, we can become desensitized and forget to see others through a strength-based lens. Kelly’s upbeat, dynamic and engaging presentation was well received by my team, so much so that they didn’t want her presentation to end and are anxious to have her back.”

Stephanie Dettloff, MA
Executive Director –Child and Family Services Northeast MI

Testimonial #2
“I have had the pleasure to hear Dr. Bushéy speak on numerous occasions at my university. She has a warm and engaging approach no matter the messageshe is delivering. I will never forget her meeting with our adult ESL
students to discuss work-life balance as they pursued college degrees in a
new country and new language. She opened up her talk by introducing herself and handing out colored pencils and drawing paper. These rather hesitant students from multiple countries were immediately engaged in a fun but powerful exercise that had them interacting and participating in finding new ways to look at the myriad of challenges they were facing while pursuing their dreams of a new life and career in this country. She kept them laughing as she led them through a series of exercises that left them with their own individualized plan of action for a balanced life and mind.
Because she is open to helping all of those she serves, many of those same
students are still in touch with Dr. Bushéy today.”

Leisha Cali, EdD
Director of ESL/Professor, Hodges University, FL

Testimonial #3
“When it comes to public speaking there is a lot of competition in the
field, but Dr. Kelly Bushéy exceeds expectations. Kelly’s warm and engaging
personality motivates her audience to pay attention and be involved. Kelly’s
knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of managing stress and
anxiety along with her ability to work with diverse cultures enables her to
empathetically capture her audience’s attention with humor, compassion,
respect and vigor.

Gail B. Williams, M.B.A. CDE, CEIC
GBW Consulting

Testimonial #4
“Dr. Bushéy’s presentations are truly inspirational and insightful. Her wit
and wisdom provide powerful food for thought.  Dr. Bushéy is the rare
speaker who can make you laugh while at the same time make you profoundly think about her message. I still catch myself thinking about her topic on micro-aggressions in human behavior.”

Gillian Cummings-Beck
Director of Risk Management

Testimonial #5
“Veteran speaker Dr Kelly Bushéy has a way of connecting with people.
Kelly’s personal story of triumph over hardship will move you. She has a
keen grasp on human behavior that inspires her audience to their greatest
potential. Our students hung onto every word as Kelly encouraged them to
rise above their circumstances and become what God created them to be. All were carried from laughter to tears as she connected with each on their
level. Kelly is engaging and entertaining as she navigates through tough
issues with anecdotes that the crowd can relate to. I was overwhelmed with
comments and feedback from our students regarding the impact Kelly had on their lives!”

Kendra Dalton
Vice President –Teen Blast Ministries

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